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Placenta Prints

Placenta prints are unique works of art that display the size, shape and general appearance of your placenta and show why the placenta is often called "The Tree of Life."


When creating placenta prints, in order to prepare the placenta for consumption, no paints or dyes are used. Prints are done solely with the blood naturally remaining after delivery. The prints are made before the placenta is washed and prepared. They are printed with the natural placenta blood on acid-free artists paper. Some families frame them and display their prints as art or others choose to save them as personal keepsakes.


Placenta Balm

The placenta has long been known to have healing qualities for the skin. Many high-end anti-aging lotions and creams contain "sheep placenta extract" as their special ingredient. We have created a natural and healing balm using your own placenta. We use only organic ingredients to craft this custom-made balm.


Placenta balm can be used for

~ Cesarean and surgical scars

~ Perineal tears

~ Diaper rash

~ For general healing and skin-care


**Please note: As with tinctures, when ordering balm, the curing process takes approximately 6 weeks. The finished product will be dropped off or mailed upon completion.


Placenta Truffles

For those looking for yet another way to consume their placenta or for mothers have difficulty taking pills or capsules, we offer placenta truffles.

The truffles utilize some of the prepared placenta from the encapsulation method of your choosing and are mixed into a homemade, delicious chocolate truffle.


Our recipe is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and can be customized to personal tastes.


Each "batch" includes approximately 12 truffles


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