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The Nesting Place-A Supportive Place for Moms

A motherhood wellness center based in Farmingdale, Long Island which was founded on the belief that support for mothers is a key component on the pathway to family wellness.

The Birth Guardians

Debbie and Danielle's home for all other birth-related services. Providing Support, Guidance, Information and Wisdom to Birthing Families throughout Long Island.


Maternal Placenta Consumption Causes No Harm to Newborns

The largest study of its kind found mothers who consumed their placenta passed on no harm to their newborn babies.


Group B Strep (GBS) and Placenta Encapsulation Safety

In January 2018, Jules Gourley, Melody Wunderlin, and Dr. Sophia Johnson, a researcher in Jena Germany, answered many of the common questions surrounding GBS and Placenta Encapulation.

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